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An Onion that doesn’t make
you cry?

There’s enough reasons in life to shed the odd tear or two but cooking with onions shouldn’t be one of them!

Cooking with Sunions, the UK’s first tearless onion will do nothing but bring tears of joy to your eyes

Sweet and delicious Sunions can be enjoyed cooked or raw

I love cooking with onions but I haven’t cooked with them for years just to avoid the tears… Hollie, Leeds

The first tearless
onions in the UK

Sunions are a game-changer for my way of cooking.
Where have they been all this time? James, Ripon

Shedding a tear is natural
Sunions are too!

Using traditional farming methods it’s taken us over 30 years to develop this exceptional onion

Sunions are harvested, stored and then triple tested for optimum flavour

Only then do we make them available in a store near you

Sunions forever.
They are the perfect match for pizza, my favourite recipes and salads… Emma, Winchester


We’re here to make life just that little bit easier – without the tears!

Search #sunions and you’ll find ideas, recipes, and stories that will bring tears of joy. So next time you’re shopping for onions, try Sunions the tearless onion…

Sunions can be found in Waitrose stores across the country

You’ll cry if you don’t try them!